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How to be your own boss with the circle of money strategy?

In one of free videos from the super affiliate coaching club, Jeff Johnson talks about a concept called the circle of money. It is a brilliant strategy of how to start making money online as an affiliate marketer and build on the success to eventually be your own boss. And the best part is you can do all this working from the comfort of your home.

Here is how the circle of money strategy works. You start be selling others products as an affiliate. You can be selling multiple products in the same market or sell multiple products in multiple products. Just start with one product and then scale up. And in the process you will find that some products work better than the other.

Now from selling others products, you can get a few insights – which markets work well, which products sell well, what’s missing in the market/product? Armed with these insights do you think you can create a killer product/service that people want to buy? Of course you can. Without these insights you would simply be shooting in the dark.

Ok great, let’s say that you have sold a few products successfully and went on to create an awesome product. Now you can promote your own product just like you sold others product, however it gets much better than that. When you promote someone else’s product as an affiliate, the key thing to do is to capture the list of buying customers into your own mailing list. This mailing list will come in handy when you want to promote your own product. What better way to get in business than having a list of customers ready to buy.

Even better is that you can now approach those product owners whose products you have been selling to become your JV partners or affiliates. Since you have promoted for them you are more likely to get them to promote your product. And when some of the top guys in the market promote your product, there will be large volume of smaller affiliates joining the bandwagon. Can you see the snowball effect here?

Guess what this is not just some random theory. In fact this is exactly how Jeff Johnson got started online and built a successful online business. He is living proof of the circle of money strategy. You can learn a lot more Jeff’s super affiliate coaching club. Check out my super affiliate coaching club review and cool bonus here.

Jeff Johnson

Who is Jeff Johnson? Until August 2007 I haven’t even heard of this guy. In august 2007 I purchased a training program called ‘The 7 Figure Code” which is about building a seven figure online business. Now when I was watching an expert panel session Jeff Johnson was one of the panel experts. While there… Continue Reading