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Super Affiliate Coaching Club Review

Super Affiliate Coaching Club is a brand new membership site loaded with brand new training from Jeff Johnson. The membership focus will on generating free traffic using search engine optimization, social media marketing and more.

Quick note about Jeff Johnson – when it comes to generating free traffic, Jeff is the go to guy even for some of the biggest names in the internet marketing community. Check out more about Jeff Johnson here

Why Super Affiliate?

If you want to work from home or just be your own boss, the easiest route to get there is to become an affiliate marketer.  You simply sell others products, take a commission and leave the delivery and support of the product to the seller. Well that is what the normal affiliate marketer.  However the supper affiliate is a little different. Super affiliates while still selling others products, build a list of buying customers.

Any business person will testify that “It costs much lesser to sell to an existing customer than acquiring a new customer.”

So look at this way, the super affiliate gets paid by selling others products and in the process builds a huge list of buying customers for himself. In order to do that you need to master a few skills – mainly generating traffic, building list and convert prospects to customers. And this is what Super Affiliate Coaching Club is all about.

What’s Inside the Super Affiliate Coaching Club?

The super affiliate coaching club contains the very best training on how to get start making money online with affiliate marketing. And it shows you how to leverage your affiliate marketing relationships to become a super affiliate or even a product creator. A quick snapshot of this circle of money strategy is explained over here

And that is just a small sample of what you will find inside the super affiliate club. And if you choose to join the super affiliate club, I have some cool free bonuses. You can check out my super affiliate coaching club bonus here