Behind the scenes with Internet Millionaires

99% of the people starting an online business fail because of this ONE BIG MISTAKE

Simply avoiding this one big mistake, you can easily be part of 1% of the people who make money online from an information publishing business. In a few minutes from now not only will you learn how to avoid this one big mistake, but learn to generate a barrage of new home based business ideas that are bound to be a sure shot success.

When people try to start an online business they try to sell themselves and their expertise. Its quite logical to think that way because most of us have been raised that way. We get good education, apply for a great job, sell our time and expertise and run the 9-5 work thingy day after day. So naturally when you stumble on the idea of starting an online business to earn extra income / money, the same thought process follows.

Reality Strikes!!!
Although it might be a little hard accept that people care the least about what you and I know. However they will pay you through the nose if you sell them a solution or an outcome to their most pressing problem. See people are engrossed in their own self, you and I are no exception. So instead of telling them that you are selling your expertise, you have to sell them the solution to their problem. And that is where the real online business opportunities are.

Read through that again and again until it sinks in. Selling expertise and selling a solution might seem like the same thing but there is a world of difference from a customers perspective. If you are to make any money at all doing business on the internet you need to be able to think like your customer. And that is what real internet marketing is all about.

Don’t worry that is quite easy to do. And in fact here is a simple 3 step exercise that will help you come up with business ideas that attract customers like a magnet.

Step-1: List out all the problems and challenges that lots of people have for which you have a solution. This step will help you decide whether to go after a niche market or not. Even if you have a solution, when there aren’t LOTS of people who will benefit from the solution, simply chuck the idea, however good it may sound.

Step-2: List out occasions where you have helped people solve problems with regards to health, relationship and money. Now this is proof that your solution works and helps to narrow down and prioritize which business idea to go after first, second, third and so on.

Step-3: List out the best way for someone to fix their problem really fast. Today everyone wants an instant solution. Whoever claims to have it makes a lot of money. However don’t ever promise something that you can’t deliver. If you make false promises you might still make some money initially, however you are doing more damage for yourself in the long run.

Go through this simple 3 step excercise to evaluate your online business ideas and you will be on your way to the 1% league of online marketers making their living with a full time income online.