Behind the scenes with Internet Millionaires

Jeff Johnson

Who is Jeff Johnson?

Until August 2007 I haven’t even heard of this guy. In august 2007 I purchased a training program called ‘The 7 Figure Code” which is about building a seven figure online business. Now when I was watching an expert panel session Jeff Johnson was one of the panel experts. While there were so many others in the panel close to 12, there was something peculiar about this guy. When it comes to building a huge online business, you will need people other than you working in your business, could be virtual employees or outsourced people, dosen’t matter.

Now when you are trying to build a real business online there is different types of skills you need. You need to be able to communicate with people, you need to know to pick the right kind of people, you need to know how to train them, you need to know how to get things done and a lot more. When I was watching the expert panel sessions I had a feeling that this guy Jeff Johnson, seemed to have mastered these exact skills. So I went ahead and signed up for his email newsletter to see if he’s the real deal.

Apparently he seemed to know what he was talking about. Even the free stuff that he sent out was quite impressive. And the disappointing thing was all of his coaching programs were sold out and you couldn’t even get in. And mind you these coaching programs cost anywhere between $10,000 to $25,000.

The good thing is he opens up his coaching program once / twice a year. I got the opportunity to join his Underground Training Lab in June 2008 and that was proof positive of his expertise.

Jeff Johnson’s Expertise

Jeff specializes in generating free traffic online. Starting from search engine optimization to social media marketing, Jeff has been keeping his coaching programs up to date. To give you an example, in march 2010 Google released the content farmer update to pull out low quality content sites from the search engine results. Now Jeff had shared a concept called feeder networks which basically fits as a perfect solution for the content farmer update.

The cool thing is that he had released this strategy as early as 2003 in his super affiliate coaching club. That should tell you how advanced his strategies are when it comes to generating free web traffic.

Jeff Johnson’s Products

Jeff had released three products each of which is one of a kind coaching program

1) Super Affiliate Coaching Club (SACC) – this was the first program coaching program that was released by Jeff Johnson. Basically Jeff started working with a few private clients and that blossomed into super affiliate coaching club. So yes the price of this program was expensive at the time, because this involved Jeff interacting one-on-one with the members of the club.

2) Underground Training Lab – While some people require hand holding, a good number of us given the right training can follow thorough on our own. And this is the program to do just that. Yes Jeff put together all of his strategies in Underground Training Lab except for the one-on-one coaching and that reduced the cost of the program. This helped a lot of people get access the free traffic getting strategies developed by Jeff Johnson.

3) Traffic Voodoo – Up until launching this course, social media / paid advertising hadn’t become mainstream among the internet marketing / work at home community. So the course came in at the right time with the right strategy. To add to this Jeff had lined up the who’s who of internet marketing to deliver specific modules within traffic voodoo. Hey, who doesn’t wants some voodoo magic traffic to their website?

Jeff Johnson Negatives

While this is not a biggie, one of the complaints about Jeff Johnson’s is that he speaks a little too fast. Personally I haven’t had problems listening to his audio/video trainings, however he always produces transcripts / accompanying documents, so you have nothing to worry about.

Is Jeff Johnson Scam?

When you search Google for “jeff johnson” you will see that a good number of people have searched for “jeff johnson scam” and don’t be put off by that. Search for any top marketer and you would see that “marketers name + scam” is being search for by a good number of people. Before people purchase a product they want to know whether the marketer they are buying from is legit or a scam artist and hence you see such search terms.

Having bought Jeff’s coaching program, I can confidently say that Jeff is legit and you can’t go wrong with his free traffic getting coaching programs.